Refund policy

Refund Policy

Under the following circumstances, refund is possible. The due amount will be charged back to the originating account. All refunds are processed and submitted to the bank within 7 working days* of receipt of your refund request. Thereafter, the bank will process the credit to your credit card. The time frame for the credit to manifest in your credit card statement is defined by the bank.

  • We offer a full refund, if an instance were to arise in which an order is not fulfilled, although this is very rare.
  • Once we receive confirmation that an order has been delivered on schedule, we assume it will be consumed promptly or frozen for later enjoyment.  If there are any issues with your order we expect to be promptly notified within 24 hours of receipt in order for a refund to be considered.  Refunds are not possible for issues brought up after this time, or issues due to customer negligence if packages are not opened promptly, or as a result of misuse of preparation instructions. 
  • We are not able to deliver your orders due to a product being out of stock.
  • Cancellation of order. Please see Order Cancellation Policy above.

Cancellation Policy
For orders which need to be cancel please note the following:

  • Orders are cancelable at any point up to four days prior to date of shipment by emailing us at
  • Orders placed that request shipment as soon as possible can be cancelled the same day the order is placed until 3:00 EST. After this the product is committed for baking and shipment and can not be cancelled
  • Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been committed for baking, or are at any point in the delivery process.
  • Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been attempted for delivery and can not be completed because recipient is unavailable.
  • Orders that are placed with incorrect information (i.e. wrong address) that prevents direct delivery cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • All transactions are final.
  • As with any food products, customer taste and preference is subjective and we make no guarantees that our product will be suitable to your pallet.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service on any order which may contain bad language, insufficient or incorrect delivery details or do not comply with our policies. In addition, all orders which fail our validation process will be automatically cancelled and notification will be sent to the e-mail address or phone number provided.